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Digital PR Expert, Lisa Buyer Hosts the Biggest PR Mistakes Today and into the PR Metaverse

For the first time ever, Digital PR expert, author and CEO of one of the first digital agencies to bridge the gap between digital and traditional PR strategies, Lisa Buyer is sharing her secrets to the ultimate blend of public relations (PR), SEO, and social media optimization (SMO) superpowers.

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Free Webinar - Biggest PR Mistakes You Don't Want to Make
Social PR Secrets Podcast Launches

Public Relations Pro Lisa Buyer Launches Podcast: Social PR Secrets

Social PR Secrets, a trusted source since 2013 for actionable and relevant ways to combine the superpowers of public relations, social media, and SEO, just hit the digital airwaves with 60 podcast episodes - and growing. After completing four editions of Social PR Secrets the book, Lisa Buyer announces the launch of the real time audio experience Social PR Secrets, the podcast.

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The Buyer Group Releases Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Marketers, Public Relations Pros and Entrepreneurs

Lisa Buyer, CEO, and Founder of The Buyer Group announces her top picks for her holiday gift guide curated with digital marketers, public relations pros and entrepreneurs in mind.

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Digital Marketers, pr pros and entrepreneurs holiday gift guide
Digital Detox Secrets Book

Digital Detox Secrets Book Launches Just in Time to Relieve Holiday Stress

In an epidemic era of digital impact on health, wellness and productivity - Lisa Buyer releases her second book, Digital Detox Secrets, as a testimony and guide towards finding balance in today's digitally saturated world.

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