Special Projects

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Have a deadline quickly approaching and need an online PR strategy now? Or are you looking for a social jump start to your current public relations/social media efforts? The Buyer Group’s Lisa Buyer works on a project-by-project basis to optimize your online PR needs. Our teams are vast and nimble, able to pick up on industry categories and develop content that fills a void.

Lisa Buyer leads the team of digital marketers, writers, social media strategists, and community managers to help with audits or full takeovers. Our Special Project services include:

  • Digital Public Relations Audit
  • Brand and Visual PR Consulting
  • Digital Marketing Mentoring
  • Digital Marketing Speaking/Workshops
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media and PR audits
  • Digital Marketing Content Writing
  • Paid Public Relations and Digital Marketing
  • Digital PR Monthly Analytics and KPIs
  • Agency match-making that pairs you with the best of the best to solve your problems, even if it’s not with us.

The Buyer Group’s special project services can help identify holes in your public relations approach and determine one-off or ongoing projects to get your team out of the weeds. If social media optimization or online PR are new ventures for your company, The Buyer Group will create the initial strategy, identify channels and platforms, develop the first round of content, and then educate your team on ongoing implementation.

The Buyer Group special projects are available for short- and long-term projects, so please contact us and provide a description of your Social PR goals to get started.