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Social PR: Breaking News That Attracts and Engages

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For immediate release: PR is changing and it’ll never be the same. Thanks to the evolution of real-time media in search engines and social networks, we can say “goodbye” to the traditional press kit and “hello” to influencing target markets directly. We can now reach the end user directly, including your audience, the journalists and influential bloggers.

Today’s successful PR programs are optimized, publicized, socialized and visualized. This means reporting your news on the spot, 24/7. It means telling your story in Tweets, blog posts, Pinterest pins, comments in online communities and with vibrant images and video. All of this is part of a robust social PR program today, and packaging it together creates your brand’s online newsroom.

Throw out the clipping books, and get in on the new social PR online.

Social PR: Optimize Your News Feed


Unlike traditional PR, social PR has created a more fluid, more measurable and somewhat unpredictable environment.

But public relations today is easily analyzed and monetized, so you can measure and adjust your return on investment in real time.

Gone are the days when a press release was written for the journalist or to be simply stuffed into a press kit. The walls have come down, and brands today have the power to create their own headlines, new-streams and editorial coverage, becoming a direct news source to the consumer in the search results and in social communities.

The challenge these days is getting inside the news feed of the people who matter, becoming a newsmaker and a thought leader; this is the result of an optimized social PR program.

“The most effective PR pros and agencies are no longer press release generators. If you are a company who is paying someone specifically for the press releases they write – you should rethink your goals and expense.”
–Jason Kintzler, Founder, PitchEngine

Social PR: Social Media News for Publicity

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Social media has become a powerful, effective and cost-efficient news distribution network for organizations of all sizes. According to the 2019 Mobile News Survey by TEKGROUP International and Pure Performance Communications, social media allows us to:

  • Read all about it: Almost 90 percent of respondents say they use Twitter, Facebook and blogs on a daily basis to follow and monitor news and information.
  • Follow the story: Sixty-seven percent indicated they frequently use social media tools to follow or monitor news and information.
  • Drive traffic: Seventy-five percent indicate they sometimes or frequently visit a corporate website after learning of a news story through social media channels.
  • Be the expert source: More than 70 percent cite the use of Twitter and 89 percent the use of Facebook as a primary source of news and information when following, sharing or posting.

Social PR: Relationships Go Direct

The roles are changing in public relations as the lines blur between journalists, bloggers and consumers. Publicists must now write and report like journalists, creating the need for a whole new way of writing and thinking in order to be successful. Nowadays, anyone is capable of being an influencer, breaking news and getting the credit (or blame) for it.

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The ROI of social PR is measurable, and no longer are relationships blocked by third parties (aka the mainstream media). Relationships are accessible and viable. The relationships belong to you, and you have an amazing opportunity to nurture them, engage them, and create lifetime loyal customers out of them.

So The Buyer Group asks, is your PR program social savvy?

The Buyer Group: Social PR Pros

The Buyer Group can review your existing PR program or help you create one with social PR strategy. We conduct social PR audits, perform social PR projects, offer social PR training or help you implement social PR through consulting or connecting you to the right resources.

The Buyer Group is headed by social PR pro Lisa Buyer. Lisa is an industry thought leader in the social PR space, and spends much of her time teaching, speaking and writing for various search and social marketing platforms.

The Buyer Group is headed up by CEO Lisa Buyer. Lisa is an industry thought leader in the area of SEO public relations, and is involved in training workshops, conferences and speaking engagements nationwide. Lisa has shared the stage at conferences with companies such as Google, Microsoft and Digg as well as thought leaders such as Brett Tabke, Lee Odden, Greg Jarboe, Marty Weintraub and Dennis Yu. Lisa is a former member of the @ClickZ faculty, University of San Francisco faculty and former adjunct professor at the University of Florida College of Journalism.

Social PR: The Buyer Group Skill Set

Here’s just sampling of what The Buyer Group can do for your social PR program:

  • Social media strategy and channel recommendations.
  • Social media community management.
  • Editorial calendar and social PR content strategies.
  • Social PR news distribution and online newsroom creation.
  • Social PR and visual media marketing.
  • Social PR analytics and reporting.

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