Unlock the secrets to getting media coverage and social proof

What is it?

A 7-module modern public relations course designed to help brands - personal and business - get FREE publicity and EARNED media in search engines, social media, and traditional media outlets. 

I help entrepreneurs, brands of all sizes (personal and business) get media attention, interviews and get famous in all media (Google, social media, and traditional media). 

The problem I solve 🤔 spend less on advertising and get free earned media exposure + gain social proof

Who is it for?

  • Brands looking to get publicity, earn credibility and thought leadership, and social proof. 
  • Agencies and PR pros looking to level up skillset and modern practices
  • Partners whose communities include 
  • Authors, Entrepreneur Coaches,  Business Coaches, Branding, Masterminds
  • Anyone who can reveal marketing, PR, branding or digital marketing struggles people have in general and focus that concern for brands in helping to get publicity via earned media and gain social proof - considered 8x more credibly than advertising.

Joint Venture Offer:

Free live event /training webinar 

Commission starting at 25% 



Modern PR Secrets Course 


Contact: partners[at]thebuyergroup.com