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Google Ads: Targeting Your Audience

wantable google ad "all my favorite clothes are from wantable"
wantable google ad "personal styling service who gets you"

Google has become a staple tool for customers, students, journalists, and other media. Having a strong google advertisement plan in conjunction with your public relations strategy can maximize visibility on the largest search engine used worldwide.

While public relations can help tell the story, Google Ads can make sure you're reaching the people who are interested in hearing that story.

But search engine optimization is a complex undertaking and a moving target. It requires PR professionals to learn SEO basics and follow search engine trends. This is so your PR efforts are never stale and never at risk of search engine penalties.

In a world where research by both customers and journalists starts online, are you being found?

Google Ads: The Internet's Largest Search Engine

“Better content is outweighing more content.” – Rand Fishkin, Moz

The digital world has allowed brands to take publishing into their own hands. Never before has there been so much opportunity for a company to speak directly to its audience. And never before has there been such a great need for PR pros to understand Google Ads.

Today, PR and Google Ads coexist online to ensure your content is:

  • Targeting customers and journalists online.
  • Visually engaging to capture attention
  • Understandable by the search engines so it’s relevant to the search being performed.
  • Actionable so users know exactly what you want them to do after they see it.

The Buyer Group: Google Ad Pros

The Buyer Group specializes in SEO-driven PR. Our SEO PR training, consulting and special projects drive qualified visitors to your website and enhance your online visibility. We use SEO fundamentals with digital PR tactics fueled by industry standards to ensure your news and your brand are being found by the right people.

The Buyer Group is headed up by CEO Lisa Buyer. Lisa is an industry thought leader in the area of SEO public relations, and is involved in training workshops, conferences and speaking engagements nationwide. Lisa has shared the stage at conferences with companies such as Google, Microsoft and Digg as well as thought leaders such as Brett Tabke, Lee Odden, Greg Jarboe, Marty Weintraub and Dennis Yu. Lisa is also a member of the @ClickZ faculty and Instant eTraining program.

Google Ads: The Buyer Group Skill Set

Let us help you navigate the complex world of SEO and digital public relations. Here’s just a few areas we can help with:

  • Google Ad strategy and audits.
  • Google Ad editorial calendar and content strategies.
  • Google Ad news distribution analyses and online newsroom creation.
  • Google Ad analytics and reporting services.

To find out more about The Buyer Group’s services, please contact us today or schedule a free consultation here.

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