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(FREE) 1: Digital Public Relations Super Powers

PR yesterday, today, and the future, including SEO, Social, Brand PR, and more . .

2: PR Channels

Journalists, search engines, podcasts, oh my! A deep dive on all of ‘em.

3: Writing & Optimization

The 5 W’s plus emojis, keywords and links, hashtags . . . We’ve got you covered.

4: News Angles & Storylines

What’s trending and why. Wrap content around holidays. Build an editorial calendar. Ya gotta know this.

5: Media Relations

Connections matter. The Art of the Pitch. And a whole lot more!

6: Measuring

Google Analytics. KPIs. Everything to PROVE your value and keep the client happy.

7: Advanced  PR Avatar - The Social VR Metaverse & Beyond

Are you keeping up with the marketing and PR metaverse? Learn the latest trends in using AR/VR and Social VR to connect, create and build community in virtual worlds.

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