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Affiliate PR: Rewarding Your Brand Advocates

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Affiliate marketing can be a highly-effective addition to any public relations campaign. Today, content creators are looking for new ways to create revenue with the brands they love. Plus, now more than ever e-commerce is the new way to shop and support.

Affiliate public relations is happening on every platform - from media publications and social media channels, to YouTube, Twitch, and more. Give influencers and even loyal customers an incentive to keep coming back and keep spreading the word through an affiliate program.

“People share, read, and generally engage more with any type of content when it’s surfaced through friends and people they know and trust.” –Malorie Lucich, head of product communications at Pinterest

Affiliate PR: Incentivize Your Brand

Affiliate public relations offers a tangible way to measure results. By linking certain influencers or media brands as affiliates, you can easily track which leads turn into paying customers and sales.

The affiliate marketing business is a $6.8 billion industry, and Statista reports that it will continue to grow to over $8 billion in 2022. Integrating affiliate marketing into your public relations strategy is effective now more than ever.

The Buyer Group: Affiliate PR Pros

The Buyer Group specializes in affiliate PR. We know how to craft your brand’s presence, monitor a company’s reputation online, forge relationships and create stories that are worth being shared again and again. Let our experience go to work for you through a brand PR audit, special branding project, brand PR training or brand PR consulting.

Affiliate PR: The Buyer Group Skill Set

Here’s a sampling of what The Buyer Group can do for your affiliate PR:

  • Affiliate PR strategy and messaging recommendations.
  • Affiliate management in social communities.
  • Affiliate content and editorial strategy.
  • Content distribution strategy.
  • Online reputation management, measurement and reporting.

To find out more about The Buyer Group’s services, book a free consultation here.

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