Women Making Success a Habit Women Making Success a Habit

Women Making Success a Habit

🚨 Studies show an alarming number of women are drinking more during the pandemic.

🍷 I can definitely say I was one of them, but I have redirected myself to healthier ways to deal with isolation and less social interaction.

🤔 How did I do this? Reinventing my business, connecting with the community, and restructuring a healthy routine.

👉 This issue features female disruptors taking chaos and turning it into opportunity.

💫 Check Out These Female Disruptors ♀

Deborah Brooks

Deborah Brooks: The Small Business Owner Who Could

Despite a flourishing career in tech, Deborah Brooks realized she needed to embark on a journey of her own. So she took her skills and experience and applied them to her own company – in the midst of a global pandemic. The best part? It worked!

Amy Fan

Amy Fan: Treating with Compassion

Amy Fan is the co-founder, CPO, and President of Twentyeight Health, an affordable and convenient telehealth platform providing reproductive and sexual care for underserved communities.

Zoe Share

Zoe Share: From Kindergarten Teacher to Successful Female Entrepreneur

Zoe Share was a kindergarten teacher when she realized her true passion was business. Years later, she is the CEO of a well-established and successful social media marketing company.

Wellness Mama - Katie Wells

See How Wellness Mama Katie Wells Brings Wellnesse to the World

Katie Wells the mom, wife, and entrepreneur who makes her life’s mission to help other women and parents lead a healthier life after coming to a realization her lifestyle could impact future generations.

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Ending Alcoholism doesn’t happen overnight, substance abuse doctors say one drink gradually leads to another heavier drink. If you know a female friend who needs help, reach out to help call Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) 1-800-622-HELP (4357), Hazelden Betty Ford Treatment Centers, and Sharp McDonald Center.

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Londyn Swanson
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