Social PR Secrets: PR, SEO, LinkedIn and YogaSocial PR Secrets: PR, SEO, LinkedIn and Yoga

Social PR Secrets: PR, SEO, LinkedIn and Yoga

Discover everything from Pubcon 2021 tips to crisis communication tools to ways yoga can help you de-stress at your desk.

Lisa Buyer’s latest Social PR Secrets podcast interviews take you on a journey through the latest in LinkedIn public relations tips from Mandy McEwan to the crucial ONE THING every brand should have in a crisis plan. Learn from industry experts on ways to strengthen your company's tool box by adding logos, focusing on LinkedIn relationships, preparing for the unexpected and reminders on de-stressing for maximum productivity at your desk.  

👇Your Social PR Secrets ONE Thing from each interview 👇

Kassie Meiler on pubcon florida 2021, marketing tips, e-a-ts and vibes

🧰 Kassie Meiler the GOAT

Kassie Meiler says add logos on your homepage to indicate publications that you’ve been featured in to strengthen your contents tool box. This tip was so crucial that Kassie added it to her website almost immediately. 

mandy mcewen on linkedin pr secrets for brands of any size

🚀 Mandy McEwen Bursted the LinkedIn Bubble

Mandy shares how important human connection is valued in one’s personal and online life. This will sky-rocket LinkedIn engagement. Let Mandy teach you the algorithm, optimization tips, and ways to boost your views on social media. 

bruce clay on hiring seo specialists, link mentions, and how you attribute to google's success

📖 Bruce Clay Godfather of SEO

Bruce advises allotting 2 hours a day to reading. If you are or aspire to be an SEO master, you need to do your research and always be open to learning. Google is constantly changing its algorithm.. Every Monday it's a new industry!!

jeff hahn on crisis communication secrets for brands

🗒 Jeff Hahn in Crisis Mode

Jeff suggests to prepare, prepare and prepare some more when it comes to Crisis Communication. The biggest mistakes happen when time is wasted in figuring out who does what. No plan? That is the plan.

lisa buyer on life lessons, transitions, and resets

💆 Lisa Buyer’s advice Your future self MUST KNOW

Free yourself from making decisions for the benefit of others. “Authentic self-expression is the key to happiness.” Learn to reinvent yourself and your business based on feelings and not facts. 

megan nolan on yoga and growing tour business, mind, body and spirit

🧘‍♀️Megan Nolan’s On Yoga at My Desk

Calm that busy mind of yours and strengthen your muscles to minimize any body pain and spark creativity. Remember to MOVE! Apply warrior poses, stretches and breathing exercises into your daily work routine to improve your health and productivity. 


According to Insider Intelligence, “In 2021, the number of monthly US podcast listeners will increase by 10.1% year-over-year to 117.8 million.” WOW! 

I mean who doesn't love podcasts? If you aren’t listening to podcasts now do yourself a favor and dive into the podcasting lifestyle. 

Podcasting can be an enjoyable pastime, a chance to grow your business or an outlet to impact millions of people around the world! 

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Lisa Buyer
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Lisa Buyer
Looking for the latest Social PR trends or digital life hacks? Meet Lisa Buyer, a subject matter expert in public relations/social media and a recovering digital life junkie. She is the author of Digital Detox Secrets and Social PR Secrets with the foreword by Guy Kawasaki. Lisa brings 20+ years of PR experience always staying ahead of the curve as an early adapter integrating PR, SEO, and social media. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and niche brands. Industries include technology, marketing, real estate, health, wellness, and yoga.