Social PR Secrets Featured Episode: Own Your Power the Jayson Waller Way

Jayson Waller’s public relations power is raw, real, and magnetic. He is an energetic and award-winning entrepreneur who is always learning, sharing, and growing with this advice: Everyone should have a mentor, podcast, and entrepreneur mindset.

In this episode, Jayson Waller, CEO of Powerhome Solar,  shares his self-made success story and background on how he built three companies from scratch and turned them into multi-million dollar enterprises.

Jayson delves into his mindset on entrepreneurship, recharging, resetting, and taking time to escape the grind, then getting back in and fighting harder.  

Listen now for tips on moving forward to create success for you and your business. Jayson shares his insights on rejection, motivation, and insiders in his book, “Own Your Own Power” and top five entrepreneur podcast, “True Underdog.”

Jayson is constantly looking towards evolving himself and his business while sharing his insights along the way.

“Think about this. If you can be one percent better today than yesterday, you’re going to be 365% better than you ever were compounded. It’s a lot more, but for simple math, I love that. That’s what happened. So in 30 days you’re thirty present better. If you really look at it. And you don’t have to be great today. You just have to be a little better than yesterday.”  – Jayson Waller

Jayson Waller topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Owning your power
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mentorship
  • Podcasting
  • Public relations
  • Making time for family

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