PR Disruptor Lisa Buyer Talks Marketing Madness with Shane BarkerPR Disruptor Lisa Buyer Talks Marketing Madness with Shane Barker

PR Disruptor Lisa Buyer Talks Marketing Madness with Shane Barker

 Is your brand using video marketing? If so are you using the right tools?

According to The Buyer Group’s CEO and Founder Lisa Buyer, videos are an essential strategy for all businesses. Buyer spoke about this, how she got to where she is in the public relations industry and more with Digital Marketing Consultant and podcaster Shane Barker on his Marketing Madness Podcast.

For the Love of PR

Growing up in Chicago and Miami, FL, Buyer started working when she was 14-years-old while attending high school. With her strong work ethic, she went on to attend the University of Florida paying her way through school by hand painting shirts for sorority women on campus. It was the first business she founded called “Designs by Lisa.”

After she graduated from college, she worked for two agencies, freelanced and ultimately started her own agency with a partner called L&L Communications & her second agency The Moxie Group.

In 2005, she founded her third agency The Buyer Group, which specializes in SEO, SEM, social media and public relations. She has also written and published four editions of Social PR Secrets and most recently Digital Detox Secrets. Now she is giving insight into the world of video marketing.

Why Businesses are Missing Out On Videos

According to Lisa, the majority of businesses are not taking advantage of video marketing. Unlike other tools, videos have not become saturated yet so it is great time for companies to start. A great area to start is Facebook Live because it is free and easy to set up. Just getting started can be the hardest part of implementing videos into your marketing strategy.

How Marketers Can Use the Videos

Have big news you are excited to tell you followers about? Allow the video to share important news for you like launching a book, a course or a website.

You can also personalize your video marketing and interact with your audience by scheduling a weekly FB live or ask me anything sessions.

“You don’t have to have a huge budget. I could do a 30-minute video sharing some of my social pr secrets that are free and then the lead up to that is to buy the book if you want more.”

4 Video Marketing Tools Lisa could not live without

1. BeLive - She uses it for her Facebook live videos, it is like a split-screen where you can interview multiple at the same time with sliders up to separate them on the screen.

2. Lumen5 - With this site, all you have to do is enter your blog URL and it creates a video of your blog post in seconds.

3. Snapchat or Instagram - If you create videos on these apps, you can have add fun filters and stickers. And once you are finished, you don’t have to send the video or post it, just save it to your phone.

4. Video Proposal - When you are creating a proposal to send to a client, turn it into a video. With a video of the proposal, you can walk someone through the proposal and gives it a very personalized touched.

What Not to do When Utilizing Video Marketing

According to Lisa, marketers should never try to sell too hard. You don’t need to sell if you are telling a good story. Make it feel like you are giving relevant content to them so one day when they come to you they will hire you. It is about the client, not about you.

Brands also shouldn’t overthink video marketing either. Video is important, but over-analyzing or trying to make the video perfect can turn a week-long project into a six-month project. “Analysis paralysis” is real.

The Real Deal

Just like social media has become a must for businesses, video is also an essential marketing strategy. Lisa Buyer strongly encourages every company to use it because it is relevant, not oversaturated and you don’t have to have a large budget to do so with free platforms like Facebook Live.

Using videos, businesses can announce major news or interact with their audience. The video tools she uses the most are BeLive, Lumen5, Snapchat or Instagram videos and video proposals. Just be careful to not oversell, overanalyze or get caught up in perfecting the video every time.

Want more? Do it yourself by reading Social PR Secrets by Lisa Buyer or let The Buyer Group do it for you!



Lisa Buyer
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Lisa Buyer
Looking for the latest Social PR trends or digital life hacks? Meet Lisa Buyer, a subject matter expert in public relations/social media and a recovering digital life junkie. She is the author of Digital Detox Secrets and Social PR Secrets with the foreword by Guy Kawasaki. Lisa brings 20+ years of PR experience always staying ahead of the curve as an early adapter integrating PR, SEO, and social media. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and niche brands. Industries include technology, marketing, real estate, health, wellness, and yoga.