PR 3.0 is Here. Lisa Buyer's 21 Things on NFTs, Crypto Coins, Female Disruptor VIPs, and MORE!PR 3.0 is Here. Lisa Buyer's 21 Things on NFTs, Crypto Coins, Female Disruptor VIPs, and MORE!

PR 3.0 is Here. Lisa Buyer's 21 Things on NFTs, Crypto Coins, Female Disruptor VIPs, and MORE!

Oh, Deer! December is here, and so is Lisa Buyer’s 21 Things of the month. Sleigh your day with NFT news, Crypto Craze, Social PR Secrets, Digital Detox Tips, and Exclusive VIP  Female Disruptor Summit Information. 

NFTS as gifts?

santa NFT

I’m sure you didn’t ask Santa for an NFT… well, maybe now you’ll want to. Read up on how Crypto replaces cash, shop your favorite NFTs, view the TOP NFTs, discover MY favorite female-focused NFTS, and of course, check out common mistakes when purchasing NFTS. Geez! How many times can I say NFT in one breath...  

🎅 All I want for Christmas is an NFT! Read how Crypto replaces cash this year. 

🛍 Shop for your favorite NFT here @ Open Sea 

👊 Top NFTs. The top NFTs on OpenSea, ranked by volume, floor price, and other statistics.

Mistakes to Avoid when Buying NFTs 

My favorite Female-Focused NFTs of the month!

Women NFTs

NFTs are all the craze. Here are some of my favorite female-focused NFTs. Enjoy!

Check out my starter collection of NFTs on including my first investment from the Serious and Cool People collection by female artist Fernanda Boccard. 

🙉 Desperate Ape Wives. The Desperate Housewives”, DAW is a collection of 10,000 Desperate ApeWives NFTs. With signature red lips, each Ape Wife is not only a fantastic fine art but also an exclusive DAW membership card. 

👯‍♀️ World of Women. A collection of unique, cool, and diverse women, ready to leave a mark in the NFT space!

💃🏻 Boss Beauties. Mission to educate and empower the next generation of Women and Girls. 

🗣 Let Her Speak NFT Series of 40, with at least half being given to women who are passionately speaking up on Clubhouse. This one is for you!

Crypto Craze and the Metaverse isn't going anywhere! 

VR world

Discover Trends to watch in the VR world, three steps in launching your own creator coins, check out the creator coins I’m investing in, fashion in the Metaverse, and More Below!

🤩 3 Steps to launching your own creator coins 

🤑 Creator Coins I’m investing in: Creators on Rally to know and follow - Gary Hendersen, Peter Shankman, Brian Fanzo, Joe Pulizzi 

👱‍♀️ Metaverse is a multitrillion-dollar opportunity that will infiltrate every sector and here’s A Marketer’s Guide to NFT’s and the Metaverse I wrote a couple of weeks ago with 30K reads so far! 

👀 Trends to watch. VR-based social media, video marketing, zero-click search optimization, and more!

👘 Why is fashion so obsessed over the metaverse? “Brands from Balenciaga to Stefan Cooke are seeing that the gaming community is one of fashion's great untouched customer bases.”

Your Fave Digital Detox and Social PR Secrets!

Gary Henderson Book on clubhouse

Back at it again with Digital Detox and PR Secrets of the month. Scroll to discover the book of the month, visionary goal-setting workshop of the month, clubhouse details, Rhonda Britten’s How to Overcome Fear, and Lee Qi Gongs routine to relaxation. 

📚 Book of the Month. The Clubhouse Creator: Build Your Audience, Deepen Relationships, and Accelerate Success in the Creator Economy.

✔️ Tap into $Gary. Gary.Club Discover Gary’s Giraffe Tower, get our Free Clubhouse Guide, and get more access to Gary! 

🤩 Workshop of the Month If you are SO ready to make 2022 different, then hold onto your hat 🎩 because I’ve got something extraordinary for you!

Visionary Goal Setting Workshop Stop living the same year over and over again and make this year different. My friend Megan is leading a free BREAKTHROUGH INTO 2022!

🎁Summit of the Month: Busy Parent Entrepreneur Summit for Entrepreneur Parents who want to show up as their best self - in their families and their business.

🙏Interview of the Month: How to Understand and Overcome Fear by Rhonda Britten 

🧠 Wisdom Qi Gong - "Lee's Qi Gong routines are the perfect blend of exercise to jump-start your day and help you relax at night." 

Female Disruptors Virtual Summit News!

Female Disruptors Virtual Summit

The countdown begins. Female Disruptors First Annual Virtual Summit is scheduled for Jan. 19th, 2022!

🐦 EARLY GIRL SPECIAL! VIP tickets are now available for purchase! 

Grab them before the price increases within the month. With this VIP ticket, you'll receive:

  • Forever access to the replays of the event
  • Access to networking sessions
  • Community opportunities
  • Exclusive encore events
  • Free copy of Digital Detox Secrets by Lisa Buyer
  • Early access to Female Disruptors NFT collection
  • You'll also be entered into a grand prize giveaway

🥳 30+ speakers, 12 categories, exclusive offerings, networking opportunities, plus Yoga at your desk breakout with Megan Nolan! Check it out. 

👾 Female Buddha NFT to be announced in January: Female Disruptors FIRST EVER NFT! You don’t want to miss it. 

That is all for December! You got to discover NFT news, Crypto Craze, Social PR Secrets, Digital Detox Tips, and Exclusive Female Disruptor Summit Information. 

🔔 Remember to ring in the New Year with the Female Disruptors Virtual Summit!

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