Public Relations Office Hours with Lisa BuyerPublic Relations Office Hours with Lisa Buyer

Lisa Buyer's Office Hours: Public Relations in a Web3 World

Join me via ZOOM at my first weekly FREE Office Hours on Wednesday, August 3, at 1:00 pm EST

Here, I will show you how and why to transition your brand’s PR strategy to Web3.

During this time, I will share highlights from my last 12 months transitioning from complete burnout to a Web3 world.

It’s true public relations improves

  • Credibility,
  • Brand Awareness,
  • Trust and
  • Social Proof.

It’s also true PR takes time, momentum, and agility.

The most successful PR/Marketing outcomes are a result of innovation and adaptability to what’s on the horizon -

Welcome to the new realities in PR+ Marketing.

[Spoiler Alert]
Staying relevant and on trend will help your brand get noticed in less time and more efficiently.

During the first 30 minutes, I'll walk you through three things you need to know and my story of transitioning into Web 3.0.

Register here for Wednesday, August 3 at 1:00 PM EST - I will save the last 15 minutes to Ask Me Anything on the topic of PR.

You will be in and out in less than one hour.

Can't join? Sign up anyway to get the replay.

This will be fun!

Be Well and Namaste,

PR Coach, Collaborator and Creator
Founder of Female Disruptors and $FEM coin.

Lisa Buyer
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Lisa Buyer
Looking for the latest Social PR trends or digital life hacks? Meet Lisa Buyer, a subject matter expert in public relations/social media and a recovering digital life junkie. She is the author of Digital Detox Secrets and Social PR Secrets with the foreword by Guy Kawasaki. Lisa brings 20+ years of PR experience always staying ahead of the curve as an early adapter integrating PR, SEO, and social media. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and niche brands. Industries include technology, marketing, real estate, health, wellness, and yoga.