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Lisa Buyer Launches Digital Detox Secrets - Mental Health Vibes for Young Adults

The Buyer Group announces  "Digital Detox Secrets - Mental Health Vibes for Young Adults" a comprehensive mental health collective aimed at young adults and curated by 2x author and mental health advocate  Lisa Buyer along with her 21-year old daughter Kennedy.

The mission is to address and offer solutions for the increasing mental health challenges faced by young adults in today's social media influenced world.

The Numbers

In 2021, 43.4% of 18-29 year olds experienced symptoms of depression, compared to 21% in 2019. 48.5% of 18-29 year olds screened positive for anxiety in 2021, compared to 11.0% in 2019 (CDC, 2020; Twenge, McAlister, & Joiner, 2021; CDC, 2022).

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for teens and young adults, ages 10-34 (CDC, 2022).

25.5% of adults ages 18-24 reported having seriously considered suicide in the past month. This is a higher percentage than any other adult age group (CDC, 2020).

✨The #1 Goal- Improve mental health in all young adults by 2% a week - that's more than 100% improvement rate in less than a year!

Digital Detox Secrets for Young Adults

Designed by Lisa Buyer, the multifaceted collective future plans includes a podcast, courses and training, community support and resources.

The collective focuses on an array of content on topics such as stress management, anxiety, and depression, and how to overcome today's modern-day mental health challenges. Perfect for GenZ, Millennials, parents, caregivers, friends and family members of young adults.

As the creator and author behind the program, Lisa Buyer shares her inspiration: 

"This was inspired by my personal experiences watching young adults including my own kids and family struggle in the challenges of social media, living in a digital world and what I have learned along the way. 
We aim to empower young adults with the knowledge and tools they need for mental wellness in today's digitally driven society, whether it be quick tips, resources, secrets from experts, product recommendations, healthy habits, and rituals."

Participation Opportunities

The program seeks participants, guest experts, and advisory board members. Interested individuals can:

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  • Professionals are welcome to contribute to the podcast and courses.
  • Join the Advisory Board To help guide and shape the program.

Digital Detox Secrets for Young Adults represents a commitment to improving the mental well-being for young adults, friends and family. Lisa Buyer invites everyone to join this vital initiative.

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For more information, contact Lisa Buyer via the Google Form or LinkedIn

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