Lisa Buyer and Jow FierLisa Buyer and Jow Fier

How to Raise Your PR Vibration in 2024

Just breathe! In a recent, inspiring and enlightening episode of the Hustle and Flowchart podcast with Joe Fier, Lisa Buyer shared invaluable insights, blending the art of public relations with the evolving dynamics of technology and wellness.

Both connectors and creators at heart, Lisa and Joe share their twist on how to avoid burnout, stay balanced and seize the year with the blend of podcasting, PR, tech and wellness.

The episode was a treasure trove of knowledge, and for those who missed it, here's a concise recap of the top 10 lessons Lisa Buyer shared, each encapsulated in no more than five words for the title and twenty words for the description.

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1. AI Implementation

AI enhances PR outcomes when personalized and creatively prompted for brand-focused results.

✨ Lisa's Social PR Secret of the year is Castmagic, it's a must! Turn one media file into millions of pieces of content including media pitches, press releases, media reports, social media content and even scripts for Reels.

2. Wellness Integration

Wellness practices like meditation improve mental clarity, aiding better decision-making for PR professionals.

3. Tech for PR

Using fitness devices and apps, like Fitbit and Calm, tracks wellness efforts' impacts on professional performance.

4. Strategic Patience

Success in PR and branding involves patience and adjustments, backed by science, not haste.

5. Content Insights

Reinforce learning by revisiting conference knowledge, implementing it in professional contexts effectively.

6. Earned vs. Paid

Earned media's credibility surpasses paid advertising, impacting consumer perception significantly.

7. Media Outreach

Timely responses to media queries via platforms like HARO are crucial for PR visibility.

8. PR Consistency

Persistent PR activities build deeper media relationships, yielding more opportunities over time.

9. Digital PR Evolution

PR strategies now include visual, social announcements, emphasizing earned media in digital spaces.

10. Leveraging Technology

Shift from traditional services to offering trainings integrating tech advances like AI and the metaverse.

Each of these lessons not only reflects Lisa's profound understanding of the PR landscape but also showcases the intersection of technology, wellness, and media in shaping a successful PR strategy. As these insights make their way across social channels and The Buyer Group website, they promise to enlighten and inspire PR professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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Lisa Buyer
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Lisa Buyer
Looking for the latest Social PR trends or digital life hacks? Meet Lisa Buyer, a subject matter expert in public relations/social media and a recovering digital life junkie. She is the author of Digital Detox Secrets and Social PR Secrets with the foreword by Guy Kawasaki. Lisa brings 20+ years of PR experience always staying ahead of the curve as an early adapter integrating PR, SEO, and social media. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and niche brands. Industries include technology, marketing, real estate, health, wellness, and yoga.