Work From Home Holiday Gift Guide for Less Stress, More Sleep and Better Mindset

2020 made self-care a necessity. In honor of taking charge of your true self, here is a holiday gift guide based on a few of my favorite things while in work from home mode. 

Work from home. Eat from home. Drink from home.

This year, the holidays will be different. 


Aren’t you sick of hearing that by now?

Of course, most holiday parties will be virtual and your family and loved ones might not be able to be all gathered for a toasty cheer or the home for the holiday’s eye roll. 

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spoil those around you and most importantly, yourself. From productivity tools for the entrepreneur in your life to wellness products for the colleague who needs a break from Zoom fatigue, I’ve got you covered!


My back-saving office chair puts posture first

perfect gift for people who work at home - All33 chair

I never realized how unhealthy my West Elm office chair really was until I made the switch to ALL33 Backstrong.

Backstrong starts at $799Use my special code [DigitalDetoxSecret] for an extra $50 off.

Brain superpower. A wearable device for stress relief

apollo neuro wrist band

The neuro vibe for your mood, Apollo is life-changing. It’s like my security blanket by day and night.  Coupled with the mobile app, the device ensures you’re rested, focused, relaxed, and healthy through innovative vibration-based technology. 

The device costs $349 and ships within 10 days. 


The only 100% Organic water-soluble CBD on earth

gift the only 100% organic water-soluble CBD oil

This elixir is the superpower. I cook with the CBD coconut oil every day and the Sports Gel is my “go-to” for post-yoga and gym recovery.

Available online for $74.95.

My meditation course, unique for me and YOU



Mind: Unlocked has revolutionized meditation practice. Their program offers practical tools to make you more grounded and more effective when meditating. 

The online program is available for $247, but get 20% off using the promo code “BUYER20”, valid through 2020.


The ultimate drink for balance and harmony

the ultimate gift of balance and harmony with lifeaid

Buy a subscription for your loved one, and see the results immediately: they’ll have more energy, will feel more balanced, and healthier. The beverages and subscription plans are available online

Business and Events

A convention pass for a podcast lover 

Podfest 2021 in person

Podfest is THE place to be when it comes to podcasting and video storytelling. Every year, it brings together thousands of podcasters, entrepreneurs, and speakers to form one of the best communities in the industry.

Read about more about these and the other ten gifts on Social PR Secrets.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Lisa Buyer and/or The Buyer Group may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.