Coronavirus, Poetry, and Podcasting

Dealing with the Coronavirus, a different take on poetry, and podcasting for businesses. This past month has been a busy one, but The Buyer Group is here to sum it up for you. 

Earth Is Our Cruise Ship And Here’s Why...

"We are all in this together. Earth is our common cruise ship. It's our common challenge. All passengers are at risk." Deepak Chopra went to Facebook to discuss how to deal with the Coronavirus and provided a guided meditation. Here are the key takeaways.

🧴Wash your hands frequently and keep them sanitized
🙅🏼‍♀️Don't touch your face
🧼Make sure surfaces are sanitized
✈️Avoid travel as much as you can
👏🏻Remember we are all in this together

Female Disruptor Focus

image of skin on sundays writing on someones leg

Meet Jessica Lakritz. This visual artist writes the words that make the whole world sing, on people’s bodies. Lakritz combines the two worlds of poetry and the human body with Skin on Sundays.

Based in Mexico City, she writes her poetic messages stamped in her own beautiful typography across the bodies of females around the world.

Have a message to say on your body - send it in - she just might share it! Read her full story here!

PodFest 2020 Reports

Lisa Buyer with Hustle and Flowchart hosts at Podfest

🎧Intro, intro, intro - Lisa Buyer joined the Hustle and Flowchart mastermind podcast pros last week and got all the intel on what it takes to be a star. Matt and Joe rock!

✅Fact: Podcast listening is predicted to surge to higher numbers than ever before in the next few months.

💃I’m all in! Podcasts are the new blogs and prime for the public relations strategy. You can be a host or a guest or both! Now is the time to start thinking about your own podcast.

👑Whether it be for a business or a personal brand, this is the time to start. Ask us about podcasting for PR programs! We can do it for you or can show you how.