21 Things your future self needs to know from the metaverse to digital detox.21 Things your future self needs to know from the metaverse to digital detox.

21 Things Your Future Self Needs To Know

In the Metaverse, I wear Gucci. + 21 Things heating up in digital PR

What's to come in Lisa Buyer’s 21 things for August: Social PR Secrets, Digital Detox Essentials, Exits, Insights and Appearances.

Scroll to find out the most important things the month of August has given Lisa Buyer.

Time to Jump into the Metaverse. 

This week’s buzzword or the internet’s future? First coined in the 90s by Sci-Fi author Neal Stephenson, his writing has shifted from fantastical speculation to reality. Stay ahead of the Metaverse game by joining us as we continue defining and redefining what it means to be on the cusp of technological disruption!

In case you missed it - Mark Zuckerburg is betting Facebook’s future on the Metaverse, so I’ve curated some info to bring you up to speed to ensure you are always trending on what’s hot, not, and steamy this summer in the digital PR world.

Mark in the Metaverse

  1. 🚀Metaverse Primer. Matthew Ball’s  9-part ‘Metaverse’ Primers Spanning everything we know or believe about what it needs, how it'll grow, and more.
  2. 😎Instead of viewing content, you are IN the content. Zuckerberg says all bets on the Metaverse.
  3. 🤩Creator vs Influencer? Learn about the creator economy and join me What the “Creator Economy” Promises—and What It Actually Does - The New Yorker
  4. 🧰 Collaboration Tool Help others understand you with this personality assessment PrinciplesYou From Ray Dalio.
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Social PR Secrets

Shhh! Discover the latest Social PR Secrets: 

Instagram Guides, InstaChamp, social audio experiences LinkedIn to-do lists, and hear from Bruce Clay, the father of SEO!

  1. 📔Instagram Guides are a newish feature to share how-tos and UGC. Here’s a step-by-step article.
  2. 🐵 There’s no monkeying around when it comes to productivity and Larry Kim! Check out his latest brainchild -InstaChamp by Mobile Monkey - Official Instagram DM automation & growth tools brands are going wild over.
  3. 👂 Can you hear me now? Podcasts and Social Audio experiences on  Facebook
  4. 🗒LinkedIn PR To-Do List: Create a cover video and audio message. 💋 PS Everyone can go LIVE now and scheduling updates
  5. 🤫 SEO Secret: Give away free stuff...books, tools, guides. Neil Patel’s favorite SEO Secret
Elevate Future of Shopping by AdWeek

Digital Detox Essentials

We’ve got you! Here are some essential digital detox tips from stress relieving candles to an interview with Suzanne Somers on Wellness and ageless beauty! 

According to the World Health Organization and the International Labor Organization, burnout is on the rise and needs to be taken seriously in the workplace.

“Working long hours led to 745,000 deaths from stroke and ischemic heart disease in 2016, a 29% increase since 2000.” (ABC News, 2021).
  1.  🚶‍♂️Walking has been shown to increase creativity by as much as 60 percent
  2. 🚨 Candle alert. There’s no scented candle in the world that will make your burnout or stress go away. Rebecca Minkoff’s new book "Fearless: The New Rules for Unlocking Creativity, Courage, and Success.”
  3. 🔑 Unlock your hyperfocus and flow. Apply for Steven Kotler’s Zero to Dangerous course 
  4. 🤪Dazed and Distracted? Try Foci. It’s a new wearable that boosts your focus and reduces short distractions, and decreases stress.
  5. 🎙 Interview of the month: Suzanne Somers meets up with Wellness Mama Katie Wells to discuss what every woman needs to know about hormones and cellular health. Image of digital detox book with a CTA to your book.
Lisa Buyer Life Lessons, Transitions, and Resets

Exits, Insights, and Appearances

Lisa knows the PR world first hand. With deadlines always on the horizon and a lack of digital boundaries, it’s really not all that it’s cracked up to be. So, how can you put your best foot forward? Check out these life lessons and helpful self-care tips from industry professionals.

  1. 🏃🏼‍♀️ Running a digital agency can crush your soul - a conversation Dennis Yu on LI.
  2. ❤️🔥Success is... liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. Maya Angelou
  3. 🤜🤛When you approach any partnership with empathy, everybody wins 💛 Alexandra Panaitescu.
  4. 🛑 My solo podcast episode> BTS of my agency life and why I have no clients
  5. 🃏 It’s all in the cards. Destroy Resistance Fear and Insecurity. Sweet Ass Affirmations are my fave deck of affirmation cards by Heath Armstrong.
  6. My upcoming guest appearances: August 3-5 Empowering and Elevating Entrepreneurs with Megan Nolan, Florida Pubcon, Aug 11 Podhacker’s Mastermind group Aug 11, 2021, Aug 12 LinkedIn Live with Mandy McEwan
  7. 🆓 Free business gifts from my friends at Marvelous Mentors are here. End Jul 31, 2021.

To wrap things up, I hope some of my favorite things are now some of your favorite things. Stay tuned for next month's list!

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