21 Things to Boost Exposure, Energy, Sleep and Save Time21 Things to Boost Exposure, Energy, Sleep and Save Time

21 Things to Boost Exposure, Energy, Sleep and Save Time

Experience the chills and thrills of October with Lisa Buyer’s 21 Things on Public Relations. Discover new tools and tricks, the Metaverse podcast and guides, digital detox secrets for energy and women, and social PR secrets.

👻 AI Tools and Tricks for Public Relations and More

Gina Paolini and Lisa Buyer

We got you covered! Discover the power of when, learn the most futuristic way to edit, and unlock a secret repurpose tool below.

📀 AI for designers. Improve low-quality images with one click using AI Let’s Enhance or Remove backgrounds and photobombs from any image or Turn any image into a website.

👥 Create your own AI video and a custom avatar in 10 minutes or less!

😄 One of eight adults worldwide is a family caregiver. There’s a coach for that. Meet Jill.

🛠 Repurpose Secret Tool. Turn your podcast into an EBook or Newsletter.

📝 The most futuristic way to edit. Meet Descript.

🌀The Metaverse Podcast and Guides

Adweek Metaverse Marketing with Cathy Hackl

The Metaverse is here to stay. Check out my new favorite podcast by Cathy Hackl, a brand guide to the Metaverse by Alan Smithson, and up your knowledge on AI and NFTs!

🎧 New podcast alert! Adweek's #Metaverse Marketing podcast dropped hosted by Cathy Hackl! We are in LOVE with the artwork too.

📖 A Brand’s Guide to the Metaverse by Alan Smithson

💻 Breaking down the mindset of buying NFTs

☁️ Digital Detox Secrets for Energy and Women

What is Chi? What is QiGong?

Put your phone down and relax a bit with me… do the Qi Gong 30 day challenge! Plus read about the best time to sleep, burnout, and OMG your boss followed you on Instagram… what now?

👩 42% of women say they have consistently felt burned out at work in 2021.

🧘 Improve life force energy and relieve stress. I was honored to meet Lee Holden last week and took two Qi Gong classes taught by him. Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

✨New Book: Crushing My Beast - Sober since February 12, 2021 and more than 18,000 followers on LInkedIn, Founder of Sober Stitch Chris Moran publishes ‘Crushing My Beast’. Follow him and watch how he used LinkedIn to spread sobriety.

📆 Events to Thrive and Grow

Female Disruptors Virtual Summit

Important Events and Giveaways of October. Enjoy! P.S. don’t miss the replay of my training with Launch Academy’s Chris Kyle.

🚨 News & Editorial SEO Summit - NESS - October 26 hosted by John Shehata - all the things news publishers need to know.

🎁 Join me on Untethered Entrepreneur Summit - I share digital detox secrets for entrepreneurs on Oct 12.

💝 I teamed up with Melanie Bensen on her Create Your Own Economy Giveaway, October 25- November 5th

👉 Female Disruptors First Virtual Summit coming in November.

💀 Facebook’s Outage. A snow day or business loss? Are we too dependant on Facebook?

😎 Social PR Secrets

AI, turn any image to life

21 Things in PR would not be possible without Social PR Secrets. Back at it again with some Social PR Secrets. Check out Chris Moran’s new book, Dennis Yu’s Office Hours, storytelling using virtual beings and how to attract more prospects!

🖇 Digital Marketing (and more) Office Hours! Direct advice by Dennis Yu for $100 a month.

🤩 Attract More Prospects Here!! Join me during this FREE 5-Day Challenge that will help you create a message that will position you as the expert over your competition and attract the prospects and clients you want.

🙃 Creepy or culture? OMG my boss follows me on Insta!

🤖 Storytelling using virtual beings. Don’t have the money to hire a model? Bring portraits to life or turn it into an avatar.

That’s a wrap!  hope you enjoyed this  October Edition of 21 Things in Public Relations and more! You continued to explore the Metaverse, Digital Detox Secrets, Tools & Tricks, Giveaways, and more.

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Londyn Swanson
As the former yearbook editor in high school, Londyn Swanson is a natural at creating, editing, and publishing content in search and social. She is responsible for creating graphics, video content, web publishing, and podcast production. Londyn works on special projects for The Buyer Group including Female Disruptors, Digital Detox Secrets, and behind the scenes with The Buyer Group's Social PR brands. One of her recent claims to fame is the design of the Digital Detox Secrets cover. Londyn is a recent graduate of The University of Central Florida majoring in Integrated Business and is a female disruptor at heart.