21 Things on Women, AI, and Tech21 Things on Women, AI, and Tech

♀️21 Things on💃Women, AI, and Tech💪

March is made for celebrating the futurist female and new realities in tech.

Here are 21 things I’m thinking about this month.

1. 💃Female Disruptors turns two! I launched this online publication two years ago this month on International Women’s Day. Subscribe to the movement or nominate an inspiring woman.

2. 👭Supporting female brands. The Buyer Group positions to support female pros, brands, products, and businesses.

3. 🤝Creating community. Do you know a female who is  .001% of the population as a woman entrepreneur with a 7-figure+ business? Check out this mastermind community

4. 🎨 Design your own success like Melanie Perkins, founder of Canva, and the other six women on this list.

Social PR Tip: Use free #womenhistorymonth templates on Canva. This or That.

5. 🤖 Meet your A.I. best friend Kuki and chat with her or buy her a coffee. Listen to Guy Kawasaki interview Kuki on his remarkable podcast.

Catch Guy Kawasaki’s AMAs on Clubhouse where he only invites women to speak.

6. 👥Meeting Women in AI #womeninAI .

7.💪‘Don’t undersell yourself’ and other resume mistakes female applicants should watch for.

"Where men say led, founded, and executed, women use words such as helped, was part of a team, aided, was asked to."

8. 🙋Make the first move. Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe Herd is the youngest female founder to take a U.S. company public.

9. 🔥Be the next. Support the next. Just 21+1 women have taken a company public. Meet the trailblazing women who have scaled their companies to successful IPOs.

10. 🧘Wellness Mama Katie Wells podcast passes 400 episodes.

11. 🎤Women’s AR/VR voices. Meet Cathy Hackl in Extended AR/VR Clubhouse and join Navah Berg, and me in Twitter Spaces.

12. 📹Zoom call filters and highlights. Yes, please. Snap camera lets you boost the WFH look. Listener app captures real-time video highlights during their Zoom meetings.

13. ♀️ Apple Watch on Women. On March 8, Apple Watch users can participate in the International Women’s Day Activity Challenge and earn a limited-edition award by recording any workout of 20 minutes or more.

apple watch animation

14. ➜PRo Tip: Let your agency know before you do a media interview [for the best results].

15. 📝Write on. A new tablet to think like paper and act like digital.

16. 💾Copy.ai eliminates writer’s block. Let artificial intelligencewrite your next Facebook ad or blog post.

17. 📕Improving readability. Make your website or blog content easier to read.

18. 📰 Use AI to turn your assets into ads that deliver ROAS, so you can scale your business.

19. 🏋️‍♀️ Workout with me in VR Supernatural. Take your personal trainer with you anywhere, anytime with an Oculus Quest 2, and join me in some of the most breathtaking places in the world...without a mask or flight.  People Magazine’s top tech gift guides, and seen in Shape, Women’s Health, Forbes.

20. 📰 Investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? It's a thing.Canadian musician Grimes just got $5.8 million richer and a Miami art dealer banks $6.6 million on a 10-second digital clip.

21. ✍Write like you talk, avoid the passive voice, make it scannable.  More copywriting tips.

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Lisa Buyer
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