21 Things for the Future on Crypto Craze, the Metaverse, PR, and More! 21 Things for the Future on Crypto Craze, the Metaverse, PR, and More!

21 Things for the Future on Crypto Craze, the Metaverse, PR, and More!

I created my first NFT! 

What’s the Metaverse? Mark Zuckerberg says, “It’s a digital world built over our own, comprising virtual reality headsets and augmented reality.” Grab some PR Metaverse Tips, Crypto Craze, New Facebook Updates, and More on Public Relations with Lisa Buyer’s 21 Things of November.

🌌 Meta is here to stay!

Gary Vaynerchuk and Mark Zuckerberg

💖 Breaking NFT News! I joined the creator community and launched my first NFT! Check it out!

🔮What the future of social will look like as Facebook evolves by Navah Berg! 

👽 Deepak launches NFT platform for Good.

🎧 Social PR Secrets Episode That’s so Meta, Is the Metaverse the Next Big Thing?

🤩 Awkward in different ways - Gary Vaynerchuk and Mark Zuckerberg competitively talk metaverse  

💋 Mark Zuckerberg’s meta fanboy crush conversation with Matthew Ball via FB audio room.

All about Facebook or should I say Meta? 

Facebook Meta

Check out the new VR workrooms, a podcast on Facebook Guide, VR set designed for the FB Metaverse, and OMG Social PR Secrets Podcast is now on Facebook!!?

📝 Podcasts on Facebook Guide. 

🤩 Social PR Secrets is now on Facebook!

🤝 Facebook and Instagram offer creators the tools to turn their passion into reality. Facebook Creators 

🧚‍♀️Try on Cambria - next VR set designed for Facebook’s metaverse .

📲 VR office hours in Workroom - Will you design the perfect office in VR? 

Crypto Craze!

Cathryn- help bring ideas to life during the crypto craze

Are you into crypto, NFTs, and all things virtual?I curated some content on Crytpo Finance, Coinbase, Crypto in the Metaverse, and NFT knowledge!

💰 Go Bankless? The Ultimate Guide to Crypto Finance. Level up. Go bankless. 

💿 New to Crypto? There's a number of good explainer videos at Coinbase. Start here!

🕺 Into the Void: Where Crypto Meets The Metaverse by Piers Kicks.

🧑‍💻 Looking for the podcast for in-depth NFT coverage. PROOF is hosted by serial entrepreneur and technology venture capitalist Kevin Rose. Time Magazine calls Kevin one of the "Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web," 

💲 Intro to Decentralized Finance by Cathryn Levy. She is brilliant! Subscribe to her newsletter. 

The Download on Discord


Meet me and hundreds of other professionals on Discord where you can instant message with voice calls, video calls, media files, and more via private chats or in a professional community called “servers.” Sign up below!

👀 How to use Discord - 2.26 onwards.

😇 Discord For PR and more!

Public Relations/ Business Tips and More! 

stella bayles on social pr secrets

Back at it again with some of my favorite things on Google, Finance, Facebook Hatred, and more. 

📊 Using Google Webmaster Central data to evaluate the incremental impact to brand traffic from your PR campaign.

📚 PR reporting and measurements gets a makeover! Turn links into beautiful reports with CoverageBook. Check out my interview with Stella Bayles, Director of Coverage Book.

👨🏫 David Meerman Scott asks “How much do we want to rely on Facebook in our marketing? The answer: Don’t rely on Facebook to market your products or services! In his opinion, somehow the Facebook algorithm needs to be fixed for the sake of humanity and no amount of name change smokescreen will change that. Read why .

That is all for November! You got to discover my favorite things on the Metaverse, Crypto, Facebook, Public Relations, and More! Stay tuned for next month’s 21 things. 

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