Social PR Secrets Program

v-VkYhQwIt's a Public Relations Program

With Social Media and SEO Super Powers

The Buyer Group’s Social PR Secrets program is a public relations action plan designed to influence traditional media, journalists, Social Media Groups, bloggers and digital media including search engines and social media news networks.

Public relations highlights:

  • 100 custom press pitches/month
    • Average 1-3 new press interactions
  • 100 custom publication pitches/month (guest post/article outreach)
    • Average 1-3 new publication interactions
  • Custom strategy development
  • Build custom media lists
  • Work together to implement research methods
  • Write email pitches
  • Execute media outreach
  • Guidance on social PR distribution of news
  • Create and execute your media outreach strategy
  • Social media content creation based on PR and media coverage
  • PR and Social PR optimization and recommendations
  • Monthly reporting