SEO/PR Review

seo/pr review

Review, Consult, Deliver. A unique service offered exclusively by The Buyer Group, the SEO/PR review analyzes of the quality of your company Web site and delivers tactical results that are easily implemented to improve your online visibility and online public relations exposure.

The Buyer Group’s SEO/PR reviews consist of six major components and clients are given a score out of 100 possible points. Sections such as “Meta Tag Review” and “Architectural Review” help clients see where they can improve on Web site elements such as site indexing and page labels, which will increase the odds of search engine retrieval. Page content is also reviewed, with an emphasis on keyword placement.

The online PR elements considered are linking strategies, newsroom organization, blog visibility, and social networks – all of which impact online branding and reputation management. The report offers a quality score and recommendations on how to improve the score within a 60 to 90 day period, which will lead to greater search engine visibility and online public relations rankings.