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The Buyer Group Social PR education program and services are designed to guide your business through today’s digital and social transformations. We understand that information overload and lack of direction can hinder growth, so we’re here to provide a path that moves the needle. Lisa Buyer and The Buyer Group team are leaders in the online PR and social media sector with industry experience that will speak to your bottom line.

We offer in-house PR training, workshops and custom webinars to educate your team on social media, online PR and search engine optimization. Our online PR pioneers have over 20 years of experience taking brands from social media agnostic to search savvy success.

The Buyer Group will create and present insight into:

  • Visual social media for public relations.
  • Social media training and strategy for publicity.
  • Pitching journalists and media outreach via search and social media.
  • Mobile PR marketing and SMS programs.
  • Search engine optimization for websites and press releases.
  • Reporting company news via social, mobile and seo strategy and analytics.
  • Facebook promotions giveaways and Twitter promotions.
  • PR editorial content strategy and ongoing content development.

We create a custom experience for your team and can bring it in-house for a daylong seminar or develop a lunch-and-learn recording for your convenience. We will work with you to determine educational topics and can provide ongoing education as new technologies arise.

We are experts in emerging platforms and are always up to date on the newest social media developments. Our social PR training will educate your team to utilize these channels and provide the tools they need for continued success.

The Buyer Group also offers webinar hosting, moderating  and mentoring on a project basis. 

Schedule a free consultation with us today to find the best fit for you!