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Want to Cover Your Visual PR Assets? Use Canva. Lisa Buyer and Kay Tappan Present at PRSA

A picture is worth 1,000  words shares, likes and comments! Just ask #UF’s Lisa Buyer and Kay Tappan presenting at the PRSA International 2015 conference. Visual social media marketing (VSMM) is in and you don’t have to be a Photoshop champ to get a visual PR win. On November 10, author and University of Florida (@UF) adjunct professor Lisa Buyer, ...
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Meet Lisa Buyer at Social Tools Summit

Lisa Buyer is Talking Visual #Selfie #Starbucks #WarriorPose #VSMM Visual social media marketing (VSMM) is on the rise and traditional social just isn’t seeing the same results. Platforms like Pinterest, and newer ones such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine are taking Social PR to a new level as visual is the next generation of social media ...
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Zenith Social Media Conference: Lisa Buyer and Joanna Lord to Keynote

Who runs the (social media) world? Girls! At least at this year’s Zenith Social Media Conference, that is. Lisa Buyer and Joanna Lord are the keynote speakers for this national social media conference taking place on April 30th in Duluth, MN and they’re both extremely excited to represent girl power in the tech industry. Whether you were hired to ...
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