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6 Emoji Tips for Social PR Success

Emojis light up our lives and social feeds, bringing flat text to life. Reading a post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter has become more humanized with the added 😍, 💃, and 😂. It’s almost hard to imagine how we used to express ourselves through any sort of text without them. “The use of emojis shows the ability of a company or brand to stay at ...
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Lisa Buyer Announces Social PR Secrets 4th Via IGTV

Is vertical video the new video press release? Lisa Buyer used Instagram’s latest feature, IGTV, to announce the release of 4th edition of Social PR Secrets. Why Social PR Secrets 4th edition?
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10 Facebook Marketing Trends in 2018

What is the future of Facebook Marketing? Content will be brought to people instead of people searching for content in a form of immersive content to their digital world.  Mark Zuckerberg made some big announcement and reveals at F8, this year's Facebook Developer conference and here is the round up of our top 10 must knows of the year!  3D, 360, ...
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