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4 Ways To Increase Your PR Pitch Success Rate

Another 100 email pitches sent into the PR blackhole with no return email in sight. Is it me? Are my email pitches not engaging enough? This is an all too familiar feeling among all PR professionals. The answer: yes and yes.
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Lisa Buyer Teaches First Ever Virtual Reality Yoga

Virtual reality is all about the immersive experience and Lisa Buyer is experimenting for you! Have you heard of AllSpaceVR? No problem, we have you. Imagine meditating in space with a view of our earth or practicing yoga on the beach without leaving your living room.  At EvolVR, the world's first Virtual Reality based spiritual and personal ...
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6 Emoji Tips for Social PR Success

Emojis light up our lives and social feeds, bringing flat text to life. Reading a post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter has become more humanized with the added 😍, 💃, and 😂. It’s almost hard to imagine how we used to express ourselves through any sort of text without them. “The use of emojis shows the ability of a company or brand to stay at ...
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