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21 Things for 2021 in a Digital World

If you ask Lisa Buyer, turning 21 never felt so good. Do you feel like certain people in 2020 rinsed right through and took a piece of you? Same. Let them have it. They needed it more than you did. Now you have a new space for new opportunities. Here are 21 things for 2021 Lisa is doing, that you can too. 1. Mindset is a 2021 secret weapon. Join ...
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Work From Home Holiday Gift Guide for Less Stress, More Sleep and Better Mindset

2020 made self-care a necessity. In honor of taking charge of your true self, here is a holiday gift guide based on a few of my favorite things while in work from home mode.  Work from home. Eat from home. Drink from home. This year, the holidays will be different. 
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13 Digital PR Mistakes and Myths Worth Noting

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