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Lisa Buyer Launches Podcast: Social PR Secrets

Social PR Secrets, a trusted source since 2013 for actionable and relevant ways to combine the superpowers of public relations, social media, and SEO, just hit the digital airwaves with 60 podcast episodes - and growing. After completing four editions of Social PR Secrets the book, Lisa Buyer announces the launch of the realtime audio experience ...
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Coronavirus, Poetry, and Podcasting

Dealing with the Coronavirus, a different take on poetry, and podcasting for businesses. This past month has been a busy one, but The Buyer Group is here to sum it up for you.  Earth Is Our Cruise Ship And Here’s Why...
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Sarah Collins Gets New Titles: VP of Social PR and Mom

The Buyer Group, a Social PR Agency founded by Lisa Buyer, is proud to announce our first-ever Vice President of Social PR, Sarah Collins. When Sarah rejoined the Buyer Group as Lead Strategist in May 2019 she also found out she was pregnant - nine months later we have two new titles for Sarah.
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